A few words about Ed…

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Professional Background –
Currently serving as a Senior Data Solutions Architect with Avaya.

Networking Technology Architect & Project Manager in a wide variety of business & technology applications. Particularly interested in IPv6, multimedia and realtime networking requirements. Also interested in Identity Management and security practices.
Prolific inventor with several established patent submissions in the areas of IPv6, Identity Management and network security.

IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging

Virtual Network Topologies

Real Time Networking architectures
Multimedia collaboration
Video Communications
Voice over IP
Unified Communications
Identity Management
Network & System Security
Physical Perimeter Security
Intelligent (Smart) Building infrastructure
Large complex project management
Advanced architecture research & development

Personal Background –
A prolific writer of technical philosophic/ scientific subjects. He also enjoys reading and research in these subject areas as well, with a particular interest in physics.  He has a strong fondness for both culture and history with a particular emphasis on philosophy and the evolution of science and technology. A great admirer of oriental cultures.

Fairly well versed in several martial arts. Mainly different styles of Kung Fu. He is a great believer in exercise, mediation & nutrition as the key to both health and longevity.


One Response to “A few words about Ed…”

  1. Corey Hines Says:


    Out of the blue question. Are you Ed Koehler from Saint Paul? Central class of ’92? I might be connecting to completely separate blogs, so if you have no idea what I am talking about I apologize for the presumption. Nonetheless I am a Network Engineer that is very interested in convergence methods and technologies, so your blog is a great find as we look at our FC network and CEE and opportunities to collapse the fabrics.

    Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts out there,

    -Corey Hines

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